How many people does it take to screw an idea up?

There is no definite number, yet. Even though research & trials are constantly on. But we do know how many kinds of people it takes to make an idea work. The ideators, collaborators, planners, executors, critics and the viewers. We have been experimenting with this mix since 2013, when we launched as Myra Motion Pictures and things have worked out amazingly well.

Rah Rah… Myra!

That’s what happens when 80 plus years of cumulative experience decides to make a mark. Seamlessly blending content solutions with business needs, we have carefully picked and chosen our projects to become the preferred agency of our valued clients. Carrying on the same enthusiasm and commitment across a bigger bouquet, we are now Myra Multimedia Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Everything your business needs. From Brand Solutions, Production, Content Localisation to Originals, we are everywhere we need to be and where you need us to be.

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Brand Solutions

While every brand aims to be a solution to customers’ problems, brands too need multimedia solutions to help them reach out. At Myra, we go from concept to production across media platforms with content to reach all your stakeholders external as well as internal.

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Content Production

Can anyone have an idea? Yeah but not everyone can have an idea and make it too. From the pin that holds the script in place to the spaceship that takes your brands to outer space, we handle every detail. We produce so you can introduce your idea to the world. Co...

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Content Localisation

A picture may speak louder than words, but these words need to be recognized by the one seeing them. Give your message the sharp tongue it needs to make it through. Make it not just heard but understood too. Language dubbing in all Indian & international lang...

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We think it up, we write it down, we make it and we put it out, sounds just like farming doesn’t it. We grow food for thought, really. We handpick stories, concepts and ideas to create sticky, viral content that cuts across a wide demographic of audiences. ...

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